Cope Offering New COPE-GLAS™ Cable Tray Load Depth

Cope is excited to announce a new 5" load depth for its COPE-GLAS™ Cable Tray, enhancing the line of existing COPE-GLAS 2", 4", and 6" depths. The new 5" product comes complete with accompanying horizontal and vertical elbows, cross pieces, tees, reducers and branches. We welcome you to contact us, as Cope customer service can help select the right load depth and fittings to meet specific applications and requirements.

Made of permanently bonded continuous glass filament coated with reinforced polyester (or vinyl ester resin) and alternating layers of glass mat, the COPE-GLAS Cable Tray is inherently chemical-resistant. This ability to withstand severely corrosive environments and improved ability to withstand weather can extend product life expectancy and dramatically reduce tray installation lifecycle costs. COPE-GLAS can be a more economical choice compared to stainless steel.

The COPE-GLAS Cable Tray is strong and lightweight, allowing it to be installed quickly and easily. here are no sharp edges or burrs, allowing long runs of armored cable to be installed with less chance for damage to the cable armor. Each straight section is designed with pre-punched holes to easily accept the splice plate fastener.

The COPE-GLAS Cable Tray is available in 10' or 20' lengths and meets Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Fiberglass Cable Tray Standard UL 568. A standard or special design can be fabricated for any indoor or outdoor application regardless of size.

To view the full 5" load depth offering, take a look at our new brochure.