Introducing a New 3" Load Depth, NEMA 20C Ladder Profile and
Trough and Hat Runs in 4" Load Depth, NEMA 20C Rating Cable Tray

Cope is excited to announce new 20C ladder tray with three-inch load depth and a 4 1/2" side rail. This cable tray is rated to hold 100 pounds per foot, over a twenty-foot span. This new product, the 7D38 profile, is intended for applications where spanning long distances while holding heavy industrial cabling is critical.

With the low profile design, an added benefit of this new cable tray is the reduction in application space, especially where installation area is at a premium. Customers are utilizing BIM modelling more frequently, and installation space is becoming tighter with more industries attempting to occupy the same ceiling in tight configurations. When you utilize the new twenty-foot 7D38 ladder, there are fewer support locations as compared to a standard twelve-foot ladder to hold the same amount of weight. As a result, there is more room for other industries to work within the space, there’s less labor required for installation, and smaller inventory costs for threaded rod, wall brackets, beam clamps and strut.

The 7D38 profile ladder utilizes an exclusive swage rung process which insures a superior mechanical and electrical connection. Cope can also make a 7D44, aluminum trough product with our prefabricated metal consisting of ventilated or solid bottoms, and welded to the side rails.

Corrugations give lateral rigidity to the bottom, transmitting the load to the side rails. Cope corrugated bottoms do NOT limit the tray load capacity. In addition, Cope now offers a four-inch load depth hat tray, the 7D4A, which spans twenty feet and can hold 100 pounds per foot. The hat tray is an in-facing C-channel, with welded hat rungs to support the cables being pulled.

To learn more about these products, view our sell sheet.