Vertical Hanger Splice Plate [VH]
  • I-Beam Supports can be bolted anywhere along the straight runs.
  • They can be bolted directly onto the coupler plates at splices of straight runs and riser fittings, or they can be bolted at any place in the run by field-drilling side rails.
  • I-Beam supports are used with either 3/8" or 1/2" hanger rods.
  • Finish is aluminum.
Catalog No. For Use With
Cope System Number
H-9043-412 5H3A
H-9043-500 5H4A
H-9043-619 7H5A
H-9043-724 7H6A
H-9043-624 9H5A
H-9043-724 9H6A
H-9043-800 11H7A