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Introducing Quick Latch for Wire Baskets

Cope is excited to announce the new Quick Latch™ for wire baskets. This new product is designed to reduce labor in the field. Though the typical Cope wire basket design comes with a pre-attached splice plate, doing multiple field cuts or manufacturing fittings can leave perfectly usable pieces of wire basket without any splice bar. Using the Quick Latch is a great way to utilize these pieces and eliminate cost, labor, and time when splicing those parts together.

Often, technicians must shorten the length of wire basket to fit in the allotted space. In order to do this, the ends of the basket are cut to specification, however, in this process the latches normally used to connect lengths of basket to each other are removed.

To install the new Quick Latch, technicians will first have to ensure each end is cleaned of burrs, then place two wire baskets up against each other. They can then slide the Quick Latch on one end, and with the use of a pair of pliers, crimp down the hooks. No additional hardware or tools are required on the job site. The Quick Latch’s one-size-fits-all design reduces confusion and the need for additional parts. By using this method, lengths of basket can be easily installed in the ceiling without the use of any extra tools.

The Quick Latch is UL approved as a grounding path with use of the CAT-GCs on either side of the splice if the cable tray is being used as an EGC. Though applicable to any wire basket application, the Quick Latch is particularly useful in data centers and rooftop applications. While the Quick Latch is sold individually, it is most often used in sets of two.

To learn more about the new Quick Latch, view our sell sheet or visit the Quick Latch product page.