The Aickinstrut fiberglass framing system is the most widely used and accepted nonmetallic strut and fitting fiberglass framing system in the world. The Aickinstrut product family is complete with nonmetallic accessories, fasteners, hangers, and pipe clamps, which may be used with the strut profiles. Aickinstrut is a versatile, high-strength product that has been successfully used in thousands of applications worldwide. Some of those applications include wastewater treatment centers, chemical plants, marinas, pulp and paper desalination facilities, theme parks, aquariums and underground vaults.

Made from entirely nonmetallic, corrosion resistant resins, Aickinstrut can be used in demanding environments where steel strut systems have traditionally failed. Its lightweight components can be installed quickly and easily using standard metalworking tools. All Aickinstrut parts incorporate the highest quality materials to provide superior chemical resistance, strength, flame resistance and ultraviolet protection. Aickinstrut offers a complete corrosion resistant strut support system, the customer has the benefit of purchasing all of these items from a single source, thereby minimizing start up delivery delays.

Aickinstrut offers an SST version which incorporates a standard channel profile that will accommodate typical stainless steel pipe straps and clamps. This product line also offers a concrete insert that is made entirely of the corrosion resistant fiberglass. This is used when applications call for embedding the channel into a new pouring of concrete. The embedment channel utilizes two continuous protruding flanges in the profile base to retain the channel in the concrete. Mounting the embedded channel flush with the concrete surface is a convenient way to secure piping, conduits, or electrical enclosures to a wall or ceiling.

Available in Polyester, PVC and Vinyl Ester, the Aickinstrut system comes in a wide variety of options to fit project needs. A range of fittings makes the system customizable to accommodate varying configurations. Cope’s customer service experts can help customers select the right fittings for specific applications.


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