Channel cable tray secures cables easily using pre-punched holes. New pre-punched holes allow the secure attachment of cables to the inside of the channel without the need to drill holes, reducing labor and speeding up installation. Cope Channel supports single branches of power or multiconductor control cable or instrument tubing. Ideal for communication, fire alarm, or call station and clock cabling. A complete line of devices are available for interfacing with Cope Ladders and Cope Trofs. Cope Channel is offered in both aluminum and steel, either hot dip mill galvanized (ASTM A 525), or hot dip galvanized after fabrication (ASTM A 386).

Covers are available in aluminum and mill galvanized steel. Connectors are furnished with all straight sections and fittings. Other accessories must be ordered separately. Offered in ventilated or solid options, basic units are 3", 4", or 6" wide and are 1 3⁄ 4" high. Standard lengths are 12' (3.7m) and 24' (7.4m) long. Cope Channel meets NEMA VE-1 standards for cable tray

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