Cope’s Trof Cable Tray system is designed for most size cables. Offering continuous support of one inch ribs every two inches, with or without ventilation, cable sag and uneven cable point loading is virtually eliminated. The bottom design offers safety and security from unauthorized personnel. Our ventilated style Trof allows for free passage of air through the openings resulting in a 68% open area to permit for proper heat dissipation.

Ideal for use in the power, automotive, transportation, service entranceways, data, heavy industrial and commercial industries, Cope Trof is a prefabricated metal structure consisting of ventilated or solid bottoms, welded to the side rails, and are manufactured and tested to NEMA standard VE-1. Corrugations give great lateral rigidity to the bottom of the tray, transmitting the load to the side rails. Lateral (transverse) deflection is nearly eliminated compared to run type trofs where the rails are not continuously braced by the bottom.

Trof tray can withstand heavy rigor and harsh environments with hot dip galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum options. Corrugated bottoms on straight sections are assembled to the side rails using a MIG arc-welding system fusing a 1/2" diameter zone. The size of the weld keeps the vertical axis of the side rail from sloping inward under load.

A range of fittings makes the system customizable to accommodate varying configurations. Users can achieve design flexibility with numerous sizes of horizontal and vertical elbows, adjustable elbows, cross pieces, tees, reducers and branches. Cope’s customer service experts can help customers select the right fittings for specific applications.

Dropouts and splice field modifications are two commonly asked questions from end users. If dropouts are required, the user can use a Tee fitting to run the cables off the side, or the user can use a Vertical Tee fitting to drop the cables from the middle of the run. Splices for Trof style cable tray require a minimum of 6" of material in order to keep the bottom corrugation attached.

Depending on the gauge and material, Trof trays meet ASTM A1011 or ASTM A1008 standards.


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