Cope Eagle Basket wire basket cable tray is a welded mesh cable management system produced from the highest quality steel wires. Eagle Basket's 2x4" mesh permits continuous airflow to prevent heat buildup as well as dust and other contaminants. The Wire basket tray is produced by first welding a net, forming the channel, and then finishing after fabrication.

The Quick Latch™ splicing system makes connecting wire basket tray fast and simple. The Quick Latch™, or self-splicing bars which come pre-installed on wire basket tray systems, eliminates the need for a typical nut and bolt type connection. Quick-Latch™ accessories are ideal for design-builds and expansion to existing grids, making installation fast and simple.

Wire basket tray is produced in standard 10' lengths and is supplied in three channel depths: 2", 4", and 6". The 2" load depth tray has nominal fill widths ranging from 2" to 24" wide, the 4" load depth has nominal fill widths of 4 to 24" wide, and the 6" load depth tray has fill width ranging from 6" to 24" wide.

A full range of accessories are available. Many of the wire basket accessories feature the unique Autolock. Just slide the tray under the tabs and then push down to engage the Autolock. No tools, bending, or attachments are required for a secure connection. Accessories such as the CAT-CUT, a cutting tool, the Quick Latch™, a new splicing bar, and the CAT-HSB-120, a quick attachment strut, cut down on installation time on the job site. Fittings for wire basket are typically fabricated on the job. To determine the fitting hardware required to create a set of fittings, please consult our online calculator.

The standard finish is electro-plated zinc galvanized which is most suitable for indoor applications or outdoor situations with mild environmental conditions. With special order finishes, wire basket tray is suitable for outdoor applications or situations where corrosion resistances is required. Additional applications include marine environments or food processing facilities.

The versatility of the Cope Eagle Basket cable tray system provides solutions to the customers all over the world. This product is easily modified, installed and maintained through the life of the project. In addition, Eagle Basket™ is Made in America and meets Buy America and Buy American. 

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