The NEW Rapid Splice™ from Cope® reduces hardware by 67 to 75%, saving time and labor costs using only two bolts instead of eight.

It is designed to fit snugly into the C-Beam profile of the Rapid Tray™ ladder to create superior lateral strength across ladder sections.

In addition to reduced hardware, the Cope cold swage process is used on the Rapid Tray™, providing better grounding properties and higher pullout strength than welded rungs. Both the Rapid Tray™ and Rapid Splice™ components are UL classified as equipment grounding means (per NEC 392.6).

Features and Benefits

  • New Rapid Splice design eliminates 67%-75% of hardware, saving you labor time*
  • New light duty NEMA 8A-12A tray system - Available in all NEMA widths
  • Available on 3", 4", and 6" load depths
  • Uses Cope exclusive cold swaging process**
  • Meets Buy America
  • Ladders and splice places (system) is / are UL File No. E60627 NEC 392.60 classified

* Splice kit provided with each ladder purchase or sold separately
** Better grounding properties and higher pullout strength than welded rungs


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